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pigs only eat

Date:2014-12-16   Click:1431次 
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We pay attention to pig built bar?
Know daylighting is: the strength of the light has distinct effect on the metabolism of pigs. Reduce the intensity of pig, appropriately can make feed utilization ratio increased by 3%, weight increased by 4%.
Know captive density: raise the breeding density, can make full use of space effectively, reduce the cost of pig. And lower density, guarantee the pig needed for growth and development space, can reduce the feed intake, and can reduce the vice of caused by space such as defecation urine everywhere, biting tail and other problems. So be reasonable control breeding density.
Know the ground slope: pigs only eat, sleep, triangulation, convenient for cleaning and disinfection of the column shear, without water. Column shear ground from eating and sleeping place to crapping has a certain slope.
Know bar s width